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An animal protection league for misjudged animals

What is a livestock guarding dog?

These are usually large breed dogs with a strong built and thick, weather-resistant and rich variant fur. They are sensitive, independent, self-confident, reserved and suspicious and always vigilant in relation to their resources.

The rescue organization Hilfe für HSH e.V. is fighting against the spirit of the times

Since the Hilfe für HSH e.V.was founded in 2001, its main goal was to help old or sick dogs and those with behavioral issues.
This goal seems absurd in times where youth and fitness are ever-present – and sickness and the costs involved are undesirable.
Fighting for the forgotten and the unloved is a responsibility that is more important today than ever.
When these dogs are placed in a safe environment where their needs and desires are understood, they begin to trust and once again enjoy contact with people. Whoever witnessed these changes in the dogs, understand they have earned an honest chance. These animals will show how lovable, sensitive and delicate they are. They will enrich the lives of those who are willing to attend to their special needs.

An organization between education, adoption and hospice

The organization is trying to improve the situation of livestock guarding dogs in assisting animal protection leagues and owners to better understand the needs of livestock herding dogs. The organization’s home page provides detailed information about this breed of dogs: www.herdenschutzhundhilfe.de.

The organization’s internet presence has proven to be a valuable tool in adopting out livestock guarding dogs and is also available to other animal protection leagues.

The main responsibility of this organization, however, is to take in and care for livestock guarding dogs that come from inadequate situations. The majority of dogs taken in have only a slim chance of being adopted quickly due to their age, medical condition or behavior.
The dogs taken in will be encouraged and supported in order to improve their chances of being adopted to open-minded people. We are very encouraged by people with an honest interest, who are willing to show their commitment and responsibility.

The increasing number of dogs that are sick and difficult to place resulted in this organization taking over the tasks of a hospice. The Hilfe für HSH e.V. is strongly committed in providing these dogs with adequate medical care and letting them know and feel that for once in their lives they are respected and loved. This extremely high level of care and emotional commitment is voluntarily and gladly performed. It is the financial burden that weighs heavily on us so that we urgently ask for support.

And still – it is never enough …

The need for animal welfare work is ever-increasing because the extent of the misery and the lack of understanding for old and sick dogs and those with behavioral issues is on the rise. Although these dogs need special care and are expensive, the Hilfe für HSH e.V. will not give up its goal to help exactly these kind of dogs. They are the ones that are in dire need.

The dogs need you! Please visit www.herdenschutzhundhilfe.de to find out how you can help.
The Hilfe für HSH e.V. appreciates your support on this painful journey.


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